REVIEW: The Crooked Path: An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft

Finally my first book review on here. I just finished this book, again. Decided why not give myself a break from the craziness happening and do a book review.

My thoughts: This book was really easy to follow and goes over each section of information one at a time. The author also includes journal exercises and other exercises so that you can form your own thoughts of what your craft is (which to me is super important considering all the information out there and newer witches unsure what the heck to follow). This is also very non-Wiccan, but I would recommend it as a way to enhance your views and knowledge.

Adaptions of Old: There is a good explanation of what tradition means, how tradition changes over time to fit what our needs are today. How we take old text and rituals and change the words and items used to make them useful in our practice. This to me is really important because it can explain why religions change, why deities change over time and through migrations of people.

History of Modern Witchcraft: This book does a good job diving into the controversial aspects of those who helped develop modern witchcraft. We read a lot of history of how those who founded today’s witchcraft were basically geniuses in the witchcraft community, but in fact they were just being people. Even though it does sound like the author is bashing Wicca and Gardner, the fact is there is not a lot of brought up issues on how Wicca came around and how covens were run back in when witchcraft was making a come back. Even with Cochrane, the author includes some of his basic rituals because they work, yet he has had so many pot stirring controversies. Which brings to the point that is is so important to understand the history of witchcraft and where it came from to where it is today.

Traditional VS Wicca: The author does go over the differences between both styles of witchcraft. In fact once I thought about it and made myself a little diagram on the differences it became clear to me how similar yet different each one was.

Witch Father and Witch Mother: Another important section in this book. Since most witchcraft honors a “God and Goddess”, it seems to be important to have these two subjects placed in their own chapter. Even though I myself do not honor any deities, I think this information is important to understand that many religions through out history has honored a main God or Goddess figure.

Good and Evil: Amoral is a word that is often used here. Nature is amoral, beings are amoral, spirits are amoral. This is no absolute good or evil. What one may see as good, another may see as evil. The author gives such a good explanation of ethics and they ask you to form your own ethics and rules for magic based off the explanations and examples given. They basically make you think before casting spells.

The 4 Elements and Tools: the 4 cardinal directions have different elements than what you would typically see floating around the internet. In fact from a logical (or whatever you want to say about it) standpoint, it makes sense to have as an example: Earth on the South point. Another important aspect they bring up is the use of tools. Tools can only help aid or add a little oompf to your magic, but your most powerful tool is you, as the book will explain (because let’s be honest, I actually want you guys to read this book).

Bioregionalism: There is a push towards this topic on this book. Which I actually quite agree with. Many modern witch books tend to push aesthetics and buying items that come from another region, when in fact you can pick up objects from your own back yard, park, county, state, where ever. For example, I have a lot of dandelions in my region (and several other people may have them too in the fields). Dandelions do have a lot of good useful properties such as: making teas/coffee, used in spells for wishes, and used as a divination aid. Even with stones there is a page on stone color and what shapes may mean from ones you pick up in your back yard, since today’s stone books focus on precious stones. The author encourages you to buy books on plants in the region and to learn about what you have in your back yard.

Spirits and Ancestors: The author has a simple yet good explanation of ancestors, spirits, and deities. The author also explains about the different worlds we can inhabit, the Otherworld, and how we can cross over there to visit and how spirits can come visit us. There is also basic information about the Fae, Fetch spirits, and Familiars just to name a few. The author does also encourage you to do your own research.

Celebrating and Worshiping: With bioregionalism in mind, the author does a good job about explaining how witches today celebrate the seasonal changes based off of holidays that may not match up with our region and worship deities from far away lands. The author asks you to look at your own region and tell what are the signs of changing seasons? What spirits rule the lands here?

Concluding Thoughts?: This is an excellent book to purchase if you are interested in traditional witchcraft or wanting to further develop your practice. The chapters are just the right length but pack just the right amount of information for you to have the basics. The book also encourages you to use items from the land around you (not suggesting to toss out items you bought, but incorporating both). With the journal exercises, this book makes you think about traditional witchcraft and forms your own thoughts on how to practice. The author does include a lot of basic information but also encourages you to do your own research.

My Final Words: This book is definitely recommended for those interested in traditional witchcraft and studying the land around them.

You can purchase this book off amazon as a digital copy or paperback.

May Rising Signs Tarot Pull

OK guys, I did this like a week ago. I have not pulled this many cards out in one go and it was so damn draining I haven’t pulled much since (and I got sick after…like I said have not pulled this many cards out in one go before). So below is going to tell you about May for your Rising Sign. Not your Sun Sign, not your Moon Sign…your Rising Sign. Why? Well because most horoscopes and related are actually based off your Rising Sign, but I will save that for another post.

Each sign I pulled for love, money, health, career, and spiritual.


If you are single, you will have some form of regret. If you are not single you may still have regret but you will also get caught up in a fantasy that may or may not work out for your partner. Both of these situations can affect your self esteem. Abundance may show up financially, it would be wise to put this aside as some hidden debts will come forward. You may experience health issues but they will be related to some other issue in your life that may be causing stress. With career, there will be a miscommunication. This may come in the form of someone withholding info or a lack in direction. Do not view this as competition either, just some issues that need worked out. Spirituality may be neglected more than usual.


In love, you need to have time to yourself to regroup. This is kind of considered odd for Taurus because they are ruled by Venus, but every once in a while even the rulers of love need to regroup. Something could be causing fear, stress, or be overwhelming. Financally there will be negative news in general. For health, if you have been sick or feeling unwell in general lately due to something like stress, you are not happy with how you are recovering from it. If you are traveling, be wary as you can become sick with traveling. Your career may be a little unfocused. If you are wanting to start a business, now is not the time. For spirituality, now is not a good time to pursue a new belief either because you might actually not agree with the beliefs or the beliefs do not agree with you (like hatefullness).


In love, a new love interest may come around, doesn’t matter if you are single or taken. Just remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Financially will show challenges. Health will show anxiety, maybe related to challenging finances, maybe not. Career will show success through hard work. Success can be a slew of things, from promotions to simply being recognized. Spiritually two things can happen. Any wishes you are working towards can come true if you persevere. You may also go through a spiritual upheaval, but it will be one step at a time.


You may experience loneliness or abandonment, heck you may even leave your current relationship. You will also have good news financially, you will find yourself struggling less. Your health will be good as long as you continue to make good healthy habits. With your career, be careful with how you present yourself. I know Cancer people may be a bit emotional but keep those emotions seperate from your work. Spiritually you will connect with your inner wisdom and intuition, as a water sign you are in your element.


Leos will show family values or even a new love, Leo’s attract and bring people together. When it comes to money, do not run away from issues, learn to deal with them. However, if you are good with saving money then financially things will improve. If you are ill, you will see yourself recover back in good shape. Also remember to treat yourself with empathy and kindness. In your career you may feel like you don’t need to put in much work and may feel like procrastinating. Refocus this energy and evaluate yourself, remember, kindness and empathy on yourself. Spiritually you may have emotional worries that are giving your anxiety and self-doubt. Let these go to improve your spiritual connection


Love will show stability and security in a relationship. If you are single, enjoy this time alone. Remember, someone else cannot make you happy, you must yourself. Financially you will feel like you are juggling money and it will cause stress and anxiety. Health-wise, the stress and extra burdens you may be feeling can have a negative impact on you. Learn to take care of yourself. Career, someone above you may be a bit of a stickler and make you feel restricted. This will be challenging to you. Spiritually trust your intuition, it will come in handy.


In love you will have an admirer, single or taken. You will also need to be more romantic in your relationship because right now you are not. Watch your spending financially, you have a lack of balance here and you love to keep things in balance. Health, you are too rigid in your routine, loosen yourself up because it is causing stress which may be causing headaches and lack of sleep. Keep yourself disciplined still. Career will show a reward for hard work. Maybe it is a new job, a raise, new level of skills, a good reputation earned. Spiritually you will have a complete transformation that will lead you into a deeper connection with the higher self. You will discover an unknown spirituality you did not have. It will come with grief and pain and it will make it difficult.


If you are in a relationship it may progress slow for you or it could go so slow that it lacks energy, excitement, and the passion you want. If you are single then you may meet someone who you fall head over heels with, but go forward with caution because it could turn sour. Financially be careful what you sign, they may be dishonest with you or write something up that won’t be what you thought you read. You may experience mental health issues this month like anxiety and depression, these can be experienced for no reason. If you have an underlying health issue that you may think you have or feel something is off then now is a good time to look at it. Career wise, you may want to travel for work or find a new job because it is no longer working. Spiritually you also go through the same transformation as Libra, it will come with guilt and pain. But you will resist it, you will be angry with it and may lose your own faith.


You will show your firey side this month in a relationship by arguments, give yourself a time out and regroup. You may also have to make a painful decision here. You may also find yourself between two people. You also may feel a fear of rejection. Financially make youself some small changes to protect yourself and give yourself security. Avoid doing any activities that can put yourself in danger. If you were diagnosed with something it would be wise to seek out a second opinion. You may also have a lack of focus in your career, do not let yourself slip! Even if the job is looking boring. Spritually you need to let go what isn’t working out for you and bring yourself self-discipline.


If in a relationship, you may have lost faith in your partner and focus too much on negative, which is typical of capricorns as they tend to be pessimistic. Single, you may feel like the universe is out to get you. Get rid of the negative energy and focus on the positive. You may be financially dependent on others and also pretty bad with money now. This can be because you are materialistic and penny pinching. Health wise, you could be ignoring signs that something is wrong and continue to do so. This is also a good month to job hunt for capricorns. Also all this new energy and enthusiasm can bring about new and good ideas. Also I could not find a card for spirituality and the card I pulled told you that you have lost your spirituality, those that are old to you no longer work and maybe it is time to search for a new one.


Your relationship is the same as Capricorn, focusing a lot on negativity. Financially you need to trust that you are taking financially responsible choices so that you can have security. If you have been experiencing health issues, good things are to come. This new energy can also extend into your career and you will find motivation with it. You will also show an increase in energy. Career wise you may find yourself starting up a business. You will also find yourself gaining new wisdom here. Spiritually you will find yourself benefiting from group work.


Same as Aries in relationship, you will find yourself in regrets and caught up in fantasy. You will also find yourself to be financially stable do to lack in the drive for material wealth. If you are unbalanced here then it is because you are too focused on too many things. You need to take action to improve your health, like a new exercise or diet. You career shows the end of something, a project, a conflict, a competition. You may find yourself going towards negativity spiritually, which can end up with consequences.

What Type of Witch Are You?

Does it matter? A witch is a witch is a witch.

Types of Witches: There’s Green Witch, Kitchen Witch, Hedge Witch, Hereditary Witch, Traditional, then it just starts going off into a whole list of witchcraft that blends into other crafts. This can get really confusing, especially to those who are new to the craft.

Does it matter what type of witch I am? No. You can make that decision to label yourself if you feel the need to. For me, I am content with just being a witch because by definition that is what I do. Most people feel comfortable with a label because it makes us feel like we belong and can connect with a certain group of people. At the end of the day, if a label is necessary, we are eclectic in practice.

The problem with labels. My issue with labels is that I tend to see people throw labels on themselves and then give up in a short while because they want to achieve this aesthetic lifestyle that we see or they want to be labeled as hereditary (which in my opinion, unless your family member gives you this book or spells passed down through generations you should not be calling yourself hereditary as we all possess the ability to perform magick and whatnot). The other issue with labels is that some witches will say their way is the correct and absolute way.

What are some good things about labels? They’re fun to have. They are also good to have when your practice is more defined. As in you have inserted yourself in different practices of the craft and you find yourself gravitating towards what would be considered this label or that label or a combination of labels.

Other useful ways a label is good is to let people know like hey, I live in the city and not the woods so consider me a city witch. This is useful because you can identify yourself as city living witch and help out other witches who recently moved to a city and need help practicing and vice versa.

This post just confused me, do I need a label or not? Again, no. Although it is helpful to identify what your practice consists of.

Meditation: Ground and Center

Ground and Center. Center and Ground. I have heard this phrase flip flopped and all over the place. I was taught to ground before centering. I won’t go into debate on which to do first. But my understanding is once you learn how to ground, it is easier to learn how to center. I will post how I currently ground and center. It is very basic, you do not have to follow it exactly the same way. But you will find that guided meditations follow similarly.

How I do it:

  1. Once comfortable or ready…close your eyes
  2. Take 3 controlled deep breathes. (some will give you a technique on breathing, whether it is ujjayi breathing or belly breathing, its breathing)
  3. Visualize a light in your core, it can be any color you want. Most people visualize white light, some green, whatever light represents you. Also your light may not come from your core, it can come from any chakra point on your body, whatever feels comfortable to you. Most recommend the light to come from the core.
  4. Envision the light growing from your feet or root chakra. Like the roots of the tree, it digs into the Earth. If you are not outside or not on a ground floor that is ok, Your roots can go through the floors and make its way into the Earth.
  5. Once your roots take place you can connect with the Earth’s energy. You can take in energy if you need it or release energy into the Earth if you have too much of it.
  6. You can take it a step further and create a shield of white light around you. That light that you were visualizing in step 3? Use that light to grow bigger and surround yourself in warm, soothing light. This is your shield.

Very basic. Some people may not grasp it or it may feel weird at first but practicing this simple visualization technique can help you in visualizing other things like your intentions.

Meditation: Set Up

I won’t be posting as much due to the coronavirus outbreak, yea I know most of you are at home and probably wondering “Well you should have all the time in the world to post!” Not if you’re in the healthcare field, we are vital as of now especially depending on where you are located. We are slowly building cases because we are close to the current NYC epicenter so it has been one day shifts being cut to the next half the unit is getting pulled. So for this post we will be focusing on meditation, since most of you are probably sitting at home doing…idk….probably stuff I’d be jealous of because my house is a wreck. Why not get into a habit of meditation? Even if it is just 5 minutes a day, before you get out of bed, before you go to bed, sitting in the car, before dinner, after your workout, idk just fit it in somewhere. I will be posting about mediation over the next month.

Let’s talk about meditation. It is basically a period where you relax and do absolutely nothing, literally. Blank mind. Blank thoughts. Let your mind wonder somewhere that it isn’t. What are some ways we do this already? Listening to music. Do you ever listen to music just to get rid of thoughts or relax? Exactly.

Basic Meditation Most books and websites (including my own) will tell you the basics. The most simple method of meditation is to use yourself. You must first ground and center yourself before you relax. That’s it. There are no fancy gizmo gadgets you need to spend money on to do meditation.

  1. Dress up for Meditation Make yourself comfortable, do not wear restrictive clothing. I like to wear yoga pants, a loose shirt, maybe a hoodie or shawl so I don’t get cold.
  2. Find the Perfect Spot Sit on something comfortable like your bed or some cushions. I sometimes lie on the hard floor with a pillow, some people may find the floor uncomfortable. You can also sit in different poses, most recommend sitting in a pose that keeps your spine straight (chakra meditation).
  3. Block out Distractions Some people want to close their eyes because it distracts them from visual stimulation (we are visual creatures). You also may want to shut your phone off or shut your window if the noise outside is distracting (I am fortunate enough to live where nature is so I leave mine open).
  4. Set the Atmosphere with incense or music. Not everyone wants to smell lavender or sandalwood incense, if another incense gets you in the meditation state then use it.
  5. Play some Music As mentioned above, we all can get into a meditative state by listening to music. Some may like to listen to Tibetan bowls while others the sound of nature, or you can listen to thrash metal.
  6. Drink Tea Now I do not do this. I may do a post on this later. But teas I have seen recommended are chamomile and lavender. Both have sedating properties and can get you in a mindset.

Next up: Grounding and Centering techniques

Tarot Cards

So I deal a lot of tarot cards. But what is the deal with them?

Tarot cards are actually oracle cards! (Oracle cards came first!)

Choosing a Deck There’s actually a lot of different tarot card decks. I would say to pick a deck that speaks to you, but I really do recommend picking a Rider Waite deck as your first deck. Why? Because it’s an easy deck to learn, there are also a lot of websites and books based off of this deck and the pictures and symbols in the cards are easy to interrupt.

Do I need to memorize all the meanings? No. I mean we have the internet and e-books and whatnot for starters. Also you can probably come up with an interruption just by looking at the pictures in the deck (Rider Waite witches!). The pictures can tell a story. You’d be surprised at the accuracy of story telling through cards is.

Do I need to Cleanse my Deck? You should, sometimes I forget. Especially the first use. I usually cleanse by passing through sage or palo santo smoke. Then I look through the new deck, one card at a time. Shuffle the deck and ask what the deck is used for (mainly to also see the accuracy of the deck).

How do I store decks? In the original box, wrapped in a nice clothe, inside a box, anywhere it won’t get damaged.

What websites do you recommend? Most popular website is Biddy Tarot. Personally I am not a huge fan. Although the meanings are simple, to me they do not go into enough depth. The Tarot Guide is one I frequently use. It is a little more in depth than Biddy, plus it gives more key words. It may be too much for beginners. Labyrinthos is another good website to use as a reference, they have key words and meanings as well and pictures at the bottom of each post for a more simpler explanation.

What about any good books? I highly recommend using the book or guide that comes with your deck. Ones I have read are Modern Witchcraft: Book of Tarot, The Tarot Companion, Tarot Card Combinations, and The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads. I would rather make posts of these books later. But I do recommend The Tarot Companion for beginners or any of the Idiot’s Guide books (I have found those to be surprisingly useful).

I’ve been trying to read tarot and I can’t. Don’t get discouraged! Practice, practice, practice! Intuition is a muscle, you need to use it to become better at it. Start a Tarot journal, pull a card a day and write down what you feel from the images and some basic meanings of the card.

I don’t like reading reversals. Then don’t. Some don’t read reversals because they’re negative, well there are also upright negative tarot cards as well. I personally read reversals because I feel like it gives me a better picture of the story. Sometimes, depending on what is asked, the reversal is not read. It really depends on the person to be honest.

In conclusion to all of this, get a deck of tarot cards and start reading.

Spells You Could Do…Last Minute Post

There are group spells happening all over the witch community right now to help heal people and calm anxiety. Here are some spells that you can do if you are unable to participate in group spells.

Visualization. This is really simple. You can meditate and focus healing/banishing energy where it is needed. Always remember to ground yourself first and center.

Bay Leaf Wish. This is the basic bitch of spells. If you have any pay leaves write your wish on and burn it.

I personally do banishing wishes during waning (like banishing anxiety) and healing or prosperity during waxing moon phases (like healing the planet).

One time I did a bay leaf for banishing anxiety and it all of a sudden started raining (I mean 15% chance rain), I forgot what it was I was so anxious about.

Knot Spells. These spells are also good to perform if you have some string lying around. Bury it in the ground or carry it on your person.

Heres a simple 6 knot chant you can do that I found online that I like, you can always change the words or come up with your own:

” Sickness, no one bids you stay. It is time, you fade away. By these knots, I bid you leave. By these words, which I weave.”

Enchanting objects. If you are really crafty or have some stones you want to empower, these is a really great way to channel healing energy into stones.

I personally cleanse my objects (sage them or whatever) and use my energy to empower them (if you’ve even done psi balls, these are my favorite).

Candle magick. I am a fan of candle magick. I just like candles. The spell below I also found it off the internet. But also looked up the correspondences and changed some words around to fit my needs.

Witchcraft on a Budget

Trying to save money because you spend it all on witchy things? Are you a baby witch and all these items seem intimidating? Are you trying to hide your witchcraft? Well you’ve come to the right blog post. Below is going to be a list of things you can buy or use for free for witchy things.

BOS/Grimoire: you can use a composition notebook, they’re like one dollar. Or you can sign up for a google account (or create a new one) and use google docs to make a digital copy for free. I see fancy notebooks on Amazon for like $20 or more, sometimes Etsy has some for over $100, you could totally spend that money on it or you could make a more lower budget one and use that money for other things.

Wand: You can use a stick in your back yard or even better, your own finger. I mean your body is a good source of energy after all and pointing your finger just allows energy to come forth.

Athame/Ritual Knife: use a regular old kitchen knife, just as long as it hasn’t drawn blood. Or you could use a letter opener.

Tarot: Amazon has some for under $10 or you can use regular old playing cards. Trust me, playing cards can be used as a form of divination. My first deck was a $5 Rider Waite deck that has moved on to someone else’s possession (literally no idea where it is now)

Candles: Dollar store has candles for super cheap, you can also use birthday candles. Also white candles can be substituted for any color candle. I mean if you think about it, way back in the day did our ancestors have access to colored candles? Probably not.

Fancy Herbs: You don’t need to buy mystery herbs off the internet. Most herbs share similar properties, so you can easily go to the grocery store and snag some cinnamon, rosemary, bay, and basil.

Use Nature: You can find so much more in nature than just sticks and stones. You can find things that once were or belonged to animals, acorns, feathers, ect.

Smudge Sticks: You can take loose herbs, put them in a fire safe bowl, and burn it. I’ve found it to be way cheaper. There’s also smudge spray that has been circling around the social media lately, but I would only recommend that if you cannot burn anything where you live.

Alter Cloth: You can find a cloth at the dollar store or craft store and maybe paint it however you want. I personally don’t use one because I don’t see the point. However I do use decorated bandannas to wrap my tarot cards.

Chalace: Just use a regular cup or wine glass. I use a brown coffee mug I found at a thrift store, sometimes I use large sea shells I have found at beaches.

Crystals: So remember the golden rule with crystals. Clear Quartz can be substituted for pretty much any crystal. Don’t got a crystal on hand? Clear Quartz.

Incense holder: You can literally use a glass bottle or pick one up at a dollar store. I frequently see them online for $10, you don’t need to spend that much. I own 4 of them and all 4 cost under $10.

I don’t know where to shop though: I personally go to the dollar store, Ross, 5 Below, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and I always hit up the clearance rack. Other good areas to search are thrift stores, just make sure to cleanse your items before using them! I have found that anything online that is witchy or has symbols on it like the Triple Goddess have been a bit…pricey. It’s just something to think about.

Basically the message of this post is: you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for witchy things. You can easily find things for cheap or in nature or even your own home. Witchcraft is a craft, it’s creative. So have fun with it.

My Current Thoughts on Coronavirus and Public Reaction..

So my state is in “partial lockdown” like most of y’all probably are.

I’ve been seeing people advertising products and services for cures from coronavirus….FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD DO NOT BUY INTO IT.

WHY??? Because we don’t have enough research on it to create a cure or vaccine. Random herbal products, essential oils, magick spells (yes, all of these) may not work! Yes they may help boost the immune system but you must do your part to keep yourself and others safe.

What can I do then? ๐Ÿ‘ Wash ๐Ÿ‘ Your ๐Ÿ‘ Hands ๐Ÿ‘ Don’t go out to areas that have a lot of foot traffic unless you need to, this minimizes chances of spread. This is because people travel…..don’t have good hygiene….probably unknowingly a carrier (up to 14 day incubation period).

So what about stocking up on protective things? For the love of god stop. The paper masks won’t work. Hospitals are starting to run out of N95 masks and US HEALTHCARE WORKERS ARE REQUIRED TO GO INTO WORK. Expose themselves to disease, spread disease, and y’all are gonna blame them? Don’t, it’s the decision to panic you should blame if you want to point a finger. You are allowed to panic, you have a human right to, but think about what your actions will cause. I mean HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU WERE EXPOSED TO A DISEASE WHILE YOUR HEALTH IS ALREADY COMPROMISED. Do you see what I mean?

Stocking up on all toilet paper and food? Please stop. There are much better economically friendly ways to wipe your tush like a bidet. You can reuse wash clothes and use good old fashion soap and water to kill viruses and bacteria because it kills their protective walls (to use regular people terms).

Food? There are elderly people and people with children who need food. Donate to those in need. You were able to afford to buy and find time to purchase a bunch of food right? Don’t be greedy. This isn’t the time for that.

Where can I find more information? Not on social media. Go to the WHO or CDC website.

Baby Witches!

I would like to say welcome! Thank you for having an interest and calling to this lifestyle.

So I would like to say there are a LOT of books and misinformation out there on how to practice witchcraft (I’mlooking at you Hollywood). Don’t worry, everyone starts out somewhere and that is usually lost and confused. *Disclaimer that this post is not ment to be a how to or this is the right way to practice. These are just some tips I’ve gathered myself from my own personal experiences and guidances from others.

Don’t worry about labeling yourself! If you do, you might be an eclectic witch, a witch who takes on every form of witchcraft respectively. You follow that path for a while until you find a path that calls you. But keep in mind that you may change your style of witchcraft down the road as you get older. After 17 years (already that long?!) I still consider myself eclectic.

Don’t worry about spending money on fancy witch things. Don’t got a wand? Use a stick you found in the woods or your finger. Don’t got an athame? Use a butter knife (as long as it didn’t cut anyone), or a paper clip. Don’t got fancy candles? Birthday candles. Don’t got a cauldren? Use a cereal bowl. The list of things you have in your house goes on. Believe me, when I was a teenager hiding this practice from my family I used stuff from around the house. Don’t go busting your wallet for things you might never use.

Don’t know what to put in your Book of Shadows/Grimoire? Don’t worry! After 15 years mine is still a stack of random loose leaf papers all over the damn place and bookmarked pages of books I haven’t tossed out. Usually it’s recommended to read up on the history and types of witches, the types of magick and spells, types of divination, symbols, spirits and deities, grounding and centering, herbs and crystals, basic astrology and moon cycles.

Do I have to follow a deity? No, I don’t. I also usually follow animals because that’s what I am called to. I personally have a strong connection to them and they tend to find me interesting. (I may make a post on this later, which will be linked here) There are also several witches who still follow religions such as Christianity. To sum it up, it’s not a “requirement” to have a deity.

Do I have to own a tarot deck/pendulum/crystals? Like I mentioned above, no. You can use whatever you find in your back yard, in the park, on the street, in the grocery store. You can buy tarot online for 10 dollars or you could use a pack of playing cards too. You can make a pendulum out of a necklace. You can find clear quartz and use that as your first crystal. You can make runs out of stones or wood chips.

Everyone on Instagram has these nice photos and does these salt baths and it looks really nice…I don’t do half that shit. Witchcraft is a craft. Not everyone crafts projects the same way so neither should witchcraft. However some instagram witches I highly recommend following, witchytips is great for a short visual image and is pretty new but they also post good educational topics.

I don’t know what type of book to buy as my first witch book? I’m not going to lie, there are a ton of books for beginner witches and most of them are geared towards Wicca (at least on amazon I am finding). I highly recommend going to a book store to the occult or new age section and picking out a beginner book that speaks to you. My first book was the Solitary Witch by Silver RavenWolf. I still use this book today as a reference.

What are some good books to buy since this blogger is so preachy about stuff? Ok I will list my top 3… Solitary Witch as mentioned above was an excellent source for me personally. The information in this book is wide and vast, it scratches the surface of a lot of subjects as well as history. Bucklandโ€™s Complete Book on Witchcraft is another excellent source, he touches the basics of a lot of things in way less pages than the Solitary Witch. He also has a huge focus on covens and basic coven guidelines (I am not part of a coven, so I cannot tell you how accurate this book is on coven work). He does have a solitary practitioner section in the very back. Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunninghan was one that I owned, but I lost the book at some point in college. This book is very informational about Wicca in general and a very useful source. I highly recommend getting this as your first book. These are my top three for any beginner because they have all the resources smashed into one source, and the best part is that I have seen the same info repeated in several other books and websites. So why not get some bang for your buck? There are a lot of books out there, especially on amazon, that have been recycled and recycled and recycled or the authors took spells and stuff from the internet. I will get into that a bit later…

So what if you can’t buy the physical copy of the book? Well you can always get a digital download, saves trees and is usually friendlier on the wallet.

What about websites for baby witches? This is gonna be a bit sticky because there are so many websites and blog posts out there. Witchapedia is a newer database that is an excellent source for information, it is still in the process of posting information. Sorry I don’t really browse the internet for witchy things! Most are blog posts and people expressing thoughts.

If that’s a sticky subject then what websites should I avoid? Pinterest (unless you use it to make a digital library), instagram, tumblr, facebook groups, some reddit forums, blogs (haha like my own, although I do state mine is slightly opinionated), aminoapps, I mean you can kind of get the gist of what to avoid by looking at this list. Sure you may find good witches to follow but you need to keep in mind that just because someone has 77k followers doesn’t mean the information is correct, they just know how to socialize or buy subscribers.

What about youtube? Well yes, I did not mention youtube as a place to avoid. In fact I actually find it oddly interesting that there’s a good amount of teachers on youtube. Harmony Nice, the Witch of Wunderlust, Stargirl the Practical Witch, these are just some of the more popular wi creators on youtube that bust out good information if you want something to watch or just listen to while you’re cleaning.

Other smaller youtubers I have stumbled across I would like to mention are Thorn Mooney and the tiktok witch Moonlight Witchdom. Thorn goes through extensive book reviews as well as being true to herself to her followers and discussing current events in the witchy community and has written blog posts and books herself. Moonlight Witchdom is just entertaining and educational at the same time and touches on some subjects.

What about podcasts? Well, I haven’t gotten too much into podcasts. The only one I have actually enjoyed listening to is Witch, Yes! because it’s entertaining, they talk about witchy things, witches in the news, and a spell that goes along with the episode. Another podcast I would recommend is Seeking Witchcraft, Ashley limits her recordings to 30 minutes, which is great for those of us with short attention spans. She goes over the basics and includes covens as well.

Ok Ok I read everything, I wanna do some cool spell work now! Stop. Right. There. Before you get into spell work, make sure you read your selected book thoroughly. Some practitioners follow the rule of three, others don’t. Some follow universal correspondences, some use their own personal. But whatever you do, do not pay for someone to write a spell for you and be very wary of copying a spell off of a website or in a book. The spells provided in the books should be used as guides to create your own.

Another rule if jumping into spell work….I HIGHLY SUGGEST STUDYING FOR 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR….that’s right a year. Why? You might fall off the witch band wagon, find out a spell you wanted to cast was actually hurtful, a spell you cast you cannot undo. The hot subject of witchcraft being an aesthetic look for views and clout is on the rise. Do not jump into casting spells if you do not know what you are doing. If you can’t get rid of/reverse it then don’t do it.

Alright Baby Witches, remember: at the end of the day, your practice is your practice!